Focus Question #6

What do Ivan and September learn from Harry about their mother’s death? How does Harry think their father feels about her death? Give details.

Answer Plan – What to do

1. Restate the question.

2. Retell the story of Mrs. Crane’s death, as told by Harry.

3. Discuss Harry’s thought on how Mr. Crane feels about his wife’s death. 

If you were Ivan or September what would you tell their dad when they talk on the radio?
Now that Harry knows Ivan and September's secret, what do you think will happen next? 
On Page 91, when September says, "Over our heads, Ivan.  Way over our heads.", what does she mean?  Support your answers with details from the text.
Do you think it was a good choice for the kids to go to town?  Why or why not?
What do the kids know about how their mother died?
You can find many similes in Poppy.  Today you are going to do a search for them.  Please check pages 1, 4, 6, 21, 73, 80, 116, and 149.
Focus Question #4

What new discoveries has Poppy made about the owl at New House?  How can these new discoveries explain the following saying:  “Knowledge is power?”

Answer Plan:
1.   Begin your answer by restating the first question.
2.   Use examples from the story.

Focus Question #3
What were Poppy’s observations about New House? Would it be a good place for her family? Why or why not?

Answer Plan

  1. Restate the first question and write a few sentences about what Poppy observes when she arrives at New House.

  2. Write a sentence that states whether you agree or disagree that New House would be a good place for Poppy and her family.

  3. Give reasons to support your opinion. 

What do you think is living at New House?  Why does this upset Mr. Ocax?